NFL Playoff Picture standings, refreshes, chances for Week 14: Seahawks nearly secured, Steelers stuck in an unfortunate situation

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The Steelers have been reliably great under Mike Tomlin, however they have likewise been reliably hard to make sense of. Barely any groups play down to their rivals in peculiar spots like these Steelers and Sunday, in a gigantic spot, was no exemption. The Steelers walked around Oakland as a 10-point most loved and left with an awful misfortune that could in the end abandon them sitting at home amid the postseason.

Pittsburgh had a lot of opportunities to put the Raiders away and just never did. Presently they’re 7-5-1 with two exceptionally overwhelming diversions on the quick docket: next Sunday at home against an irate Patriots group and Week 16 out and about against a Saints group battling to arrive homefield advantage in the NFC. The Steelers likely won’t be supported in either diversion.

Lose both those amusements – not likely, but rather surely conceivable – and the Steelers’ playoff chances will drop to 32 percent. Beating the Bengals at home in Week 17 is a possible result, however on the off chance that they lose the following two weeks, they will probably be putting their destiny in the Ravens’ hands.

Baltimore, almost a champ on Sunday against Kansas City, plays the Bucs at home in Week 15, the Chargers out and about in Week 16 and the Browns at home in Week 17. In light of Vegas chances, they’re probably going to go 2-1 down the stretch. Pittsburgh can’t generally get the Chargers, who are nearly anchored in the playoffs at 10-3. The swarmed AFC is basically battling for one trump card spot.

Exacerbating the situation for Pittsburgh? There are three additional contenders at 7-6 hiding to take their spot. Suppose the Steelers go 2-1 down the stretch. That is a sensible situation. They would complete at 9-6-1. That would beat a 9-7 group, clearly, however not a 10-6 squad. Which implies any of the Colts, Dolphins and Titans winning out would fate the Steelers on the off chance that they don’t win the division.

Here’s the extremely insane part: the Steelers could really lose their spot in the playoffs to the BROWNS. Indeed, the Browns. As John Breech composed, Cleveland has a not really insane way to the playoffs. On the off chance that the Browns win out, they’d be 8-7-1. In the event that the Steelers miss out, they would be 7-8-1. Pittsburgh most likely won’t lose to the Bengals in Week 17, however the Steelers presumably shouldn’t lost to the Raiders in Week 14 either. Stranger things have occurred, despite the fact that the Browns heading off to the playoffs while the Steelers remain home since Hue Jackson and the Bengals beat Pittsburgh would be straight up there.

On the other hand, the Seahawks simply beat the Vikings on Monday night and moved to 8-5. That places them in an incredible spot to make the postseason; now it would stagger on the off chance that they didn’t wind up as a special case group on account of diversions against the Cardinals (home) and 49ers (street) staying on the calendar. Seattle will be – even from a pessimistic standpoint – 9-7 and that is sufficient to get in, particularly with a few sudden death rounds to support them.

As Brady Quinn brought up on Tuesday’s Pick Six Podcast – it’s a day by day NFL demonstrate that is stick pressed with dream information, picks and football examination with a substantial portion of jollity, buy in: by means of iTunes | through Stitcher | by means of TuneIn | by means of Google – the Seahawks resemble the NFC rendition of the Chargers. Only an uncontrollably underestimated and perilous trump card group who can make life miserablle for individuals in the section.

Here’s the way whatever remains of the NFL playoff picture looks, and additionally a preview of a few amusements that could affect what it would seem that after Week 14 and past.

AFC: Who’s in

  1. (x) Kansas City Chiefs (11-2)

The Chiefs had a fight staring them in the face against the Ravens on Sunday, with Baltimore raging into Kansas City and about pulling off the furious before falling 27-24 in extra minutes. Credit Patrick Mahomes for doing Patrick Mahomes things and to the barrier for putting weight on Lamar Jackson late (and to the refs who tossed huge amounts of banners on Baltimore). K.C. secured a playoff compartment and can secure the division with a win over the Chargers on Thursday. Patrick Mahomes additionally had his “MVP Moment” with a fourth-down toss over his body to Tyreek Hill that set up the Chiefs win.

  1. New England Patriots (9-4)

The Patriots endured a severe misfortune in their mission for a bye, losing in terrible design to the Dolphins, who beat them on the last play of the amusement, a stroll off, parallel move to Kenyan Drake that he took 69 yards to the house. The uplifting news for New England is a portion of its opposition lost also, yet the one seed looks off the table now that they’re two recreations back of the Chiefs. That is gigantic on the grounds that it implies no home-field advantage in a potential playoff diversion with the Chiefs. Their matchup against the Steelers could decide if New England gets a bye.

  1. Houston Texans (9-4)

The Texans at last hit a hindrance, losing to the Colts at home and missing the mark in their journey to win 10 straight amusements. That misfortune truly opens up the AFC South as well, despite the fact that Indy and Tennessee are as yet two full recreations back. Houston should win, however it will be troublesome for them to anchor a bye with the Patriots holding a straight on sudden death round over them. What the Texans truly should be worried about is tumbling to the four seed and possibly facilitating the Chargers in the special case round.

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers (7-5-1)

The Steelers lost to the Raiders on Sunday, a monstrous misfortune that included no James Conner and Ben Roethlisberger going ahead and off the field. Chris Boswell had a potential kick to win and the Steelers bungled it. Merciless misfortune. They’re not a bolt to make the playoffs unexpectedly.

  1. Los Angeles Chargers (10-3)

The Chargers didn’t win by a great deal, yet they won! They adore playing down to the opposition and they did only that against the Bengals, leaving without end with a nearby win that sets up an amazing Thursday night diversion in Kansas City that will have divisional ramifications.

  1. Baltimore Ravens (7-6)

Merciless misfortune to the Chiefs, regardless of whether the Ravens were overwhelming puppies in that diversion. A few of us have Ravens more than eight wins and that would have been a charming astonishment. All the more imperatively for the Ravens, it truly places them stuck a sticky situation as they endeavor to pursue the Steelers. 8-5 would have been an extraordinary spot for Baltimore, who saw Lamar Jackson run down late with damage. Also, considerably more significantly, Baltimore is presently battling like there’s no tomorrow to keep the Colts and Titans and Dolphins out. Tennessee is behind the Colts in the sudden death round standings dependent on the division tiebreak (no holds barred record). The Colts are wiped out from the three-group tie with Baltimore and Miami as a result of gathering record and Baltimore is in front of Miami in view of a superior record in like manner amusements. In this way, indeed, their hang on the 6th seed is shaky, best case scenario.

AFC: Who’s out

AFC: Who’s Eliminated

  1. Bison Bills (4-9)
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-9)
  3. New York Jets (3-10)
  4. Oakland Raiders (3-10)

NFC: Who’s in

  1. (y) New Orleans Saints (11-2)

The Saints seemed as though they would lose their second-in a row diversion for a significant lot in Tampa on Sunday, before rapidly turning things around and really figuring out how to secure the NFC South, an unsafe division that has been a catastrophe this season. Carolina lost and is currently five amusements back in the division. The Saints will continue gunning each week to attempt and return home field advantage all through.

  1. (y) Los Angeles Rams (11-2)

The Rams lost in Chicago to the Bears and now need to in any event worry about the Bears strolling them down for the No. 2 seed. (The Rams are most likely going to complete 14-2, however it’s at any rate on their radar.) They don’t control their fate for home-field advantage either, as the Saints have the sudden death round on them dependent on their no holds barred record.

  1. Chicago Bears (9-4)

The Bears commanded the Rams offense – Bradley Sowell, a Chicago hostile lineman, had a greater number of touchdowns than Los Angeles in this amusement – and place themselves in an extraordinary position to win the NFC North and secure a playoff billet.

  1. Dallas Cowboys (8-5)

The Cowboys brought down the Eagles in additional time with Amari Cooper going crazy and making everybody

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