Best Nfl Players of All Time List | All-Time Top 10 NFL Player List

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After 100 years of American football ,the NFL give us some extreme talent . So Its hard to Make Best Nfl Players of All Time List.
After all we will try make a list All-Time Top 10 NFL Player List.

#1. Jerry Rice ( Born:October 13, 1962 )

By each capability, Jerry Rice was the best wide collector ever. He had the best hands, ran the most exact courses, and featured as the head distinct advantage after the catch. Rice, the San Francisco Treat, may even hail as the best blocking wide collector ever. Furthermore, as a NFL bootstrapper, he fills in as another landmark to diligent work.

On the whole, Rice modified the NFL record books for 1,549 gatherings, 22,895 accepting yards, and 208 absolute touchdowns. Rice’s vocation and measurable records are stunning, as he demonstrated to be a lock for 80 gets, 1,000 yards, 10 touchdowns, and one Pro Bowl ticket to Hawaii for 13 seasons. He was a danger to score on each play.

Rice earned his position. In the off season, he would run the tough slopes of Northern California, lift loads two times every day, and run wind dashes until he didn’t have anything left – ­­ for the sake of entertainment. Before he had even ventured onto the field, Rice and his will to work had officially demolished numerous an adversary.

#2. Jim Brown (Born:February 17, 1936)

At 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds, Jim Brown was a man among young men. Dark colored was greater, quicker, and more grounded than the challenge. He was too quick to even think about being handled by lineman and linebackers, and too solid to be in any way brought somewhere near protective backs. During his nine seasons in the NFL (1957-1965), Brown guaranteed eight surging titles and left the alliance as the proprietor of each noteworthy record.

Albeit a few backs have outperformed Brown in the record books, fans must recall that when Brown played, the customary season was 12 games in length from 1957-1960 and 14 games from 1961-1965. As far according to game creation, Brown positions #1 in NFL history with a great 104.3 yards for each game — a record that has remained since he resigned in 1965.

#3. Lawrence Taylor (Born:February 4, 1959)

At linebacker, Lawrence Taylor was the maddest of every single lunatic. In light of his unadulterated hazardousness, Taylor was the game’s chief guarded weapon. In the 3­-4 plan, Taylor arranged everywhere throughout the field to sell out his body, power turnovers, and pulverize vocations. Taylor was unreasonably quick for trudging handles and unreasonably amazing for closing backs to contain falling off the edge at the line of scrimmage. Inside two tallies, the quarterback would get decked and deprived of the football all at once. As a sack craftsman, Taylor arranged 132.5 quarterback sacks over his 13­-year vocation, which is still useful for tenth untouched.

In inclusion, Taylor could likewise drop back to man facing running backs into the level. Playing with total surrender, Taylor seemed to loathe any and all individuals who wore restricting pullovers. Through unadulterated force, L.T. modified hostile plans. Today, we can really credit a linebacker for the development of the H­-Back, single ­back arrangements, twofold tight closures, and uneven lines. These hostile bundles to a great extent follow their foundations back to Joe Gibbs and his contrivance arrangements, intended to contain No. 56.

#4. Joe Montana (Born:June 11, 1956)

Joe Montana can make a case for four Lombardi trophies and three Super Bowl MVP grants. Known for his calm certainty, Joe Cool brought up John Candy in the Super Bowl XXIII stands while his colleagues crouched up. In the wake of breaking the ice, Montana had his 49ers on the walk before he flicked the game-­winning hurl to John Taylor on an inclination course into the end zone.

Montana was not your exemplary Golden Boy quarterback. Out of Notre Dame, Montana’s draft stock plunged — NFL scouts scrutinized his size, arm quality, and general strength. Montana slid right down to the third round ­before Bill Walsh got his man with the 82nd by and large pick in the 1979 NFL Draft. Montana, as a result of his capacity to convey the football with accuracy and contact, was an ideal fit for the exact planning of the West Coast offense.

In the productive West Coast offense, Montana could dump off short goes to any semblance of Jerry Rice, John Taylor, Roger Craig, and Tom Rathman, and let his recipients get down to business with pursues the catch. Despite the fact that Montana and his 49ers are generally viewed as an artfulness pack, this gathering demonstrated its moxie in incalculable rebound triumphs and chilly climate playoff bloodbaths. Prior to the Super Bowl trophies, Montana demonstrated his strength to the world with both “The Catch” and his beat down of the 1988 Chicago Bears against the setting of single­-digit temperatures and the whirling winds of Soldier Field. Montana has more than earned the title of a standout amongst other football players in NFL history.

#5. Walter Payton ( Born: July 25, 1954 )

In 1975, precisely 10 years in the wake of choosing Gale Sayers with the fourth generally speaking pick in the draft, the Chicago Bears chosen another untouched incredible running back with the fourth pick. For those NFL fans who never had the joy of watching Walter Payton, his acclaimed epithet “Sweetness” depicted his character off the field — Payton was definitely not sweet on the turf.

Walter Payton was a wounding sprinter who would not come up short on limits, and rebuffed protectors until the whistle blew. As physical as he played, Walter Payton missed only one game during his 13-year vocation.

#6. Tom Brady (Born:August 3, 1977)

Tom Brady is living verification that, with regards to the quarterback position in the NFL, the intangibles are definitely more significant than crude ability. How about we investigate Brady’s resume: 5x Super Bowl champion, 4x Super Bowl MVP, 2x NFL MVP, 12x Pro Bowl. In any case, this may be the most great detail – on the off chance that you bar the 2008 season when he was harmed for the year in Week 1 – Brady has played 16 NFL seasons (excluding 2017). In those 16 NFL seasons Brady has 7 Super Bowl appearances.

That implies he has been to the Super Bowl in practically 50% of the seasons he’s played in the NFL! Cherish him, or despise him, there’s no denying the person is a victor. Brady has won the AFC East 14x (a NFL record) and has a lifelong record of 214 successes and just 63 misfortunes. Not all that terrible for a person chose with the 199th Pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.

#7. Johnny Unitas ( Born: May 7, 1933 )

Johnny Unitas was as American as apple pie, with his first-generation heritage, crew-cut hairstyle, and black high-top shoes. At quarterback, Johnny U was credited for authoring the two-minute drill and fourth-quarter comeback. As a virtual coach on the field, Unitas called his own plays to pick apart defenses throughout his 18­-year career.

Unitas, of course, will forever be immortalized as a Baltimore Colt. He led the NFL in passing on four separate occasions and won the league MVP award three times. Unitas finished his career with 40,239 passing yards, which is still good for 14th place on the all-­time list. Johnny U’s statistics are even more impressive ­­when you consider the fact that he was a quarterback during the 1950s and ’60s. This was prior to the advent of five-­wide sets, the shotgun spread, and all other pass­-happy gimmicks.

Unitas put his full talents on display in “The Greatest Game Ever Played,” which ushered professional football into the television era. That game pitted a total of 17 Hall of Famers against each other, both Baltimore Colts and New York Giants, for the 1958 championship grudge match.

Late in the game, Unitas engineered two separate 80-­yard drives to send the contest into overtime on a short field goal. Baltimore claimed the title on a one-­yard touchdown dive by Alan Ameche. As the winning quarterback, Unitas went 26-40­­ for 349 passing yards and one touchdown. In doing so, the Comeback Kid laid the groundwork for the likes of John Elway, Peyton Manning, and Joe Montana.

#8. Peyton Manning ( Born: March 24, 1976  )

You can in all respects effectively make the contention that Peyton Manning has the right to be a couple of spots higher on this rundown. You for all intents and purposes need a reference book estimated book to list every one of the records that Manning has set or gotten through the course of his 18-year NFL profession. He presently holds the record for most profession passing yards, most vocation touchdown passes, the most passing yards in a solitary season, the most touchdown goes in a solitary season.

He’s the main quarterback to arrive at 200 profession wins between the customary season and the playoffs. No other quarterback in NFL history has been named to 14 Pro Bowls, or been granted five MVP trophies. The main reason he doesn’t take the top spot is a direct result of his 2-2 record in Super Bowl appearances.

#9. Dick Butkus ( Born: December 9, 1942 )

With his dim No. 51 shirt, ostentatious shoulder braces, and blood-coagulating screams, Dick Butkus was a dreaded tackler. At 6-foot-3 and 250 pounds, he drove the Monsters of the Midway and their beat up style of discipline. Chicago Bears legend remains saturated with the convention of protection because of him. The unforgiving gaze of Mike Singletary and unadulterated physicality of Brian Urlacher can’t coordinate the pulverization that Butkus brought to the fore at Soldier Field.

In the container, Butkus ran downhill to force protects at the line of scrimmage and crease troublesome running backs into the turf. In space, Butkus watched the center of the field and set out the law on any wayward beneficiary. In spite of Butkus’ notoriety for being an all out goon, the man was an understudy of the game. He could make handles, strip the ball bearer, corral capture attempts, and unleash devastation.

#10. Don Hutson ( Born:  January 31, 1913 )

In his last article, Bryn Swartz made a convincing contention, saying Don Hutson was the best wide collector in NFL history. In manners, I concur with him. As usual, he gave trustworthy realities to back it up. I think Hutson is the 6th best football player in NFL history. He’d be viewed as only a decent recipient in the NFL now, as he had only 7,991 yards in ten seasons, which is 799.1 yards every year, except that is remarkable for the time he played in (1935-1945). Quarterbacks weren’t excellent, as groups would in general need to pound the ball with their run game. Hutson had a completely astounding 1942 season, getting 74 goes from 1,211 yards and seven touchdowns. He represented 50.3 percent of Green Bay’s passing assault. Hutson may not be the best wide recipient ever, however Bryn demonstrated it’s entirely doubtful and easily proven wrong, and I believe he’s simply behind one wide collector.

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