Macintosh Engel: From Elliott to Hunt, the NFL thinks more about dissenters than aggressive behavior at home

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Except if it’s a terrible PR look, or there is video spilled by an outsider, the NFL couldn’t care less about aggressive behavior at home since we have not given it motivation to do as such.

The NFL is a private business whose primary capacity is to profit, which it is outstanding at doing. Since its clients are addicts for its item.

Until the point that the NFL has a monetary motivation to think about aggressive behavior at home, don’t expect substantially more than the intermittent TV spot, conflicting examinations that have neither rhyme nor reason, and void battle style talk that will guarantee and never convey.

You know … what it’s doing well at this point.

In light of the feedback over its “dealing with” of different aggressive behavior at home cases, in 2016 the NFL discharged the PSA spot titled, “No More,” which highlight a determination of unmistakable players, from Eli Manning to Cris Carter to Aeneas Williams, Jason Witten, LaVar Arrington, and so forth.

In the video, Manning says, “No more ‘young men will be young men.'”

As this most recent occurrence including a NFL player and aggressive behavior at home with Kareem Hunt appears, the NFL Boys Club made up by the proprietors is doing fine and dandy.

While the NFL had an expansive money motivation to address those gosh darn dissidents, nobody is making a sufficient object for this alliance to think enough about its representatives who beat up ladies.

From fans to the pretentious boaster individuals from the media, for example, myself, we are the issue.

We devour this low quality nourishment called NFL football at such a greedy rate, to the point that that association can do whatever it needs. Until the point when we turn it off, and don’t discuss the NFL, the Boys Club stays allowed to do as it wants realizing it won’t lose a solitary client, or publicist.

The most recent case of this is the NFL’s “taking care of” of Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt, who was seen on video ambushing a lady back in February. He was discharged throughout the end of the week after TMZ discharged the video of the episode.

The NFL’s examination concerning this DV case kept going not exactly the time it took for it to explore the points of interest of two men it recently suspended for far less genuine episodes. Since the NFL invested no energy in the Hunt case; he everything except said to such an extent.

Dallas Cowboys running back Zeke Elliott was slapped with a six amusement suspension in 2017 for doing … something. Something so not great the NFL would never really say what he did.

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was suspended four recreations in ’16 for taking a small piece of freshen up of a football.

Previous Panthers and Cowboys cautious end Greg Hardy beat up his ex and was given a four-diversion suspension. No video was included.

Previous Ravens running back Ray Rice was suspended two recreations for his DV occurrence with his then-fiancee, now-spouse in mid 2014. At that point the TMZ video turned out that indicated him thumping her out.

The NFL guaranteed it didn’t see the video until TMZ discharged it. Interesting how TMZ can discover these recordings the NFL can’t.

Rice was then suspended inconclusively. He was in the end restored by the NFL, however he has not played since that fight.

Furthermore, obviously, there is Reuben Foster, whom the Washington Redskins marked three days after his capture for DV charges. Cultivate had recently been with the San Francisco 49ers, who discharged him subsequent to learning of this most recent episode.

Try not to try searching for consistency. Stop with the calls of shamefulness, or craziness.

The NFL couldn’t care less in light of the fact that its clients don’t make them.

Organizations care when their clients apply their use in the relationship.

The NFL had no real option except to address the player nonconformists since somebody could draw a line relating diminished TV viewership and that development. The NFL tossed a group of cash at the challenge development, which put something aside for Panthers security Eric Reid, is just about dead.

Appraisals are up. Goodell marked a five-year contract augmentation this time one year back.

Fans and media might be disturbed by everything, except not really as to turn everything off and devour something unique.

So we may state “No More,” yet these young men will be young men.

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